African schools need afro-centric curriculums

African schools need afro-centric curriculums

For many years, the curriculum in African schools has aimed to imitate its western counterparts. As a result, many education curriculums have failed to create an education system that helps African people better understand their own countries and societies.

Ali Elquammah, chair of the Association of African Business Schools (AABS) stated that African business schools should set their own standards. The AABS, in which Elquammah is involved, is creating its own business accreditation model to raise standards across the continent. This would be one of the first of its kind in Africa as the top schools in the continent aspire to have accreditations from Europe, UK or the US.

Although South Africa has its own matric curriculum, a large portion of the material is still very Eurocentric and western. Helping Africans understand their own realities better in academic spaces will help them cultivate the necessary tools to implement change.

What do you think of the current African education system? Do you think recreating a new curriculum will work?


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