Cape Flats Tragedies: A National Crisis

Cape Flats Tragedies: A National Crisis

The Cape Flats have been wrecked with some brutal murders on the 20th and 21st of July. A total of 25 people were murdered at the Cape Flats leaving the city in disarray once again. This is not the first incident of such a large scale murder in the region as the region had experienced murders around the same number a few weeks before.

The crisis attracted the attention of government officials namely police Minister, Bheki Cele who called for a military intervention. Although some saw the presence of the military as a welcome relief from all the crime and gang violence, there was as much uproar about the military intervention as some residents and observers felt it would escalate the violence and also that it is a temporary solution.

However, Cele is hopeful that the army will provide safety for crime-ridden areas in Cape Town.


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