How to go rustic with these easy tips

How to go rustic with these easy tips

Rustic décor has been making editorial front covers for a while now. The décor theme with its wood and earthy accents is a well-loved and popular décor choice for interior design enthusiasts and anyone captivated by its simple yet stylish beauty.  Here are a few décor tips to fill all your rustic desires.

  • Wood lots of it!

There’s almost no rustic with no wood. But it’s not just about having wood there, you need to utilise it in a way that makes sense. The best wood to use would be old deadwood as it adds to the unpretentious and authentic feel rustic is known for. Stay away from overly processed and shiny wood types. Wood can be used for flooring and added as part of the ceiling, cupboards etc.

  • Recycle old material

You would be surprised what you could do with some of the things that you no longer have use of. Old light bulbs and mason jars could be repurposed as vases and old material such as old plates could be even used on the wall as part of wall decorations. Whatever you can think, be creative of but don’t let anything go to waste.

  • DIY

The great thing about going rustic is that this style is not about pristine perfection. So you can make your own furniture without being too worried about clean lines and glossy finishes. In fact, a bit of shabby is welcome, just not too much of course. So get your hands dirty and start building something fun!


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