Should South Africa Bring Back Capital Punishment?

Should South Africa Bring Back Capital Punishment?

Cape Town has become South Africa’s murder capital with the recent gang-related murders that have been occurring. 2 302 People were killed in Cape Town in the past 6 months and it was reported that 900 of those murders were gang-related. Even with the heightened police presence and the deployment of the army in gang-infested areas in Cape Town, the murders are still ongoing, proving the systematic failure and incompetence of the safety/security department and the police force.

Watching the news and reporters reporting on seven dead people found in one yard has become the norm in this country. People’s lives are cut short daily and the government’s efforts in resolving the bloodbath in Cape Town are not working.

Is this perhaps the time that the law governing body of South Africa reinstate capital punishment? Isn’t this the time for the legislature to rethink its laws and put the lives and safety of its people first?  Many are going to argue that it is unconstitutional and a violation of a person’s right to life to bring back capital punishment because according to section 11 of the Constitution, everyone has the right to life. Isn’t that same right violated by another when they decide to murder them? Why can’t current laws be amended or capital punishment be brought back and be used in special cases?  


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