Songs that will change your life

Songs that will change your life

More than just the Wikipedia definition of a form of art whose medium is sound organised in time, music is a universal language that has the power to heal broken souls and breaks geographical barriers. The power of music has been proven by songs like “We are the world”writtenby Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie in 1985 and sang by over 40 musicians with the aim to raise humanitarian funds for Africa. The song sold more than 20 million copies and 63 million dollars was raised for Africa.

Music continues to have a social, cultural and political impact in people’s lives across the world. Here is a list of songs that will move you and leave an impact in your life.

  1. Nickelback _ “Lullaby” (2012)

This song was released as a fourth single from the band’s seventh album Here and now. This song gives strength and courage to people dealing with mental illness, suicidal thoughts and dealing with loss.

  • Carrie Underwood _ “Before he cheats” (2005)

This a relatable song if you are dealing with heartbreak and out for revenge.

  • Jason Mraz _ “I won’t give up” (2012)

This song talks about not giving in to life’s uphill challenges and battles.

  • Beyoncé _ “Run the world (girls)” (2011)

This song is about feminism and female empowerment.

  • Edwin McCain _ “I’ll be” (1997)

“I’ll be” is probably one of the songs that will go down in music history as the greatest wedding love song to ever be written.


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