What Are You Putting Into Your Body Lately?

What Are You Putting Into Your Body Lately?

The wave of conscious living has been thrust upon us and numbers of communities are waking up to smell the proverbial coffee. Vegans and vegetarians are among the most passionate individuals, who not only follow strict diets but also insist on using products that have not been tested on animals – products with manufacturing processes that do not inflict suffering and harm on people, animals and the environment.

We read product labels every day that clearly indicate our lack of understanding of what the consumption of these products means for our bodies and long-term health. Ingredients we cannot even pronounce are listed on our groceries and yet we are required to trust them. Certain chemicals in skincare products are said to “burn” the skin, not enough to be noticeable, but active enough to cause gradual damage over years and years of usage.

Many people want more power in knowing what goes into the products they use; not in the freedom to google every listed ingredient, but rather to use more organic products that don’t come with the risks exposed to certain processed items. Communities of health savvy people have garnered together to provide platforms assisting people to make more informed choices about the products they consume.


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