Africa is a continent brimming with potential.  Although it’s been subject to much exploitation and corruption. The people of Africa still look for new ways to not only improve their lives but their fellow Africans. African entrepreneurs and creatives everywhere are ushering in a new dawn for the African continent.

Africa boasts many countries with fast growing economies. As a result, many Africans have taken advantage of the opportunities presented to them. These talented Africans are looking for solutions to problems that Africans face by providing valuable needs and services, or by just making Africa a happier place.

One of those entrepreneurs is Jason Njoku, the founder of iROKO Partners, and iROKOTv, the leading online streaming platform in Nigeria. iRoko is an online distribution channel for African movies, Africa’s equivalent to Netflix and Hulu. As a successful entrepreneur, he now wants to help up and coming entrepreneurs, “I want to help young entrepreneurs build the next iROKOTV”, he says.

Gina Din-Kariuki from Kenya turned herself into a public relations power house in her 19 years in the industry. She is now an award-winning management consultant and social entrepreneur, as well as honorary UNFPA ambassador and Red Cross goodwill ambassador. Her role as a strategic advisor to Safaricom was responsible for the expansion of Kenyan telecommunications. Currently she is assisting Kenya’s central bank with its rebranding.

Another one of Africa’s talented business people is Alan Knott-Craig who has been changing the telecommunications industry in South Africa since 2003. One of his biggest contribution to South Africa is Project Isizwe, a project focused on providing free public Wifi to South Africans. His business has manged to garner him millions of Rands and he attributes his success to his focus and fear of failure.

How do you describe being seated on a Global Entrepreneurship panel between Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg and President Obama? “Exciting and frightening!” says Jean Nzeyimana. Nzeyimana who is the  founder and CEO of Habona, a clean and renewable energy company. His business focuses on transforming waste in his community to briquettes, a greener alternative to wood charcoal. By doing so, Nzeyimana provides jobs and a cleaner environment for his country and community.

There are many other talented African entrepreneurs who have manged to see opportunities against all odds. As result they are bringing positive change in their environments and bringing new hope with them for the continent.


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