Are Pit Bulls Safe As Pets?

Are Pit Bulls Safe As Pets?

Pit bulls, the beloved guard dog in South Africa and the world. There has always been divided opinion as to whether these tough pooches are safe around people and should be kept as pets. Many pit bull lovers claim bad pit bulls are a result of bad owners, whilst some believe that they are inherently aggressive.

Pit bull attacks on civilians are well documented. News24 has reported 10 stories so far in the past few months of pit bull attacks on animals and people. Some of the attacks were fatal, whilst some led to serious injuries. Stories of children and the elderly being attacked are not uncommon – a large group of victims consist of this vulnerable group.

However, it could be argued that these aren’t the only breed of dogs known for their aggressive behaviour. Rottweilers have also been known to do some damage. So what safety measures should be taken to prevent these? Should stricter regulations be put in place? Or is a ban for these breeds justifiable?


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