Breaking Free From Abusive Relationships

Breaking Free From Abusive Relationships

Making a decision to leave an abusive partner is the most challenging step to seeking help and dealing with the trauma because many people who have suffered at the hands of their partner tend to go back to them. This is caused by the power your partner has over you through brainwashing and emotional manipulation. They have positioned themselves as priority and the only person that matters in your life because they have managed to isolate you from your friends and family.

Abuse victims find themselves trapped in situations where they miss their abuser and hate themselves for going back to them. This is a result of all the psychological abuse that they have endured and believing their abuser when they tell them that “You’re nothing without me, no one will ever love you because you are damaged goods’’. This creates a trauma bond between the victim and their abuser that is difficult to break because they share an intense, destructive and toxic love.

The process of freeing oneself from an abusive relationship requires the abused to go back to who they were before they met their abuser. It needs them to go back to the things and people they love. If you have been struggling in an abusive relationship, this process reintroduces you to your old self and you begin to realise what has been happening to you. 


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