Is Social Media Making Us Lose Individuality?

Is Social Media Making Us Lose Individuality?

Social media has allowed everyone to have a voice and fully express themselves without boundaries. Ironically, one would think that with this high level of individual self-expression that is available, the internet would be teeming with differing opinions and aesthetics. However, if you look closely, many people tend to conform to popular opinions when it comes to social media.

There is no doubt that we are living in a politically correct era, where opinions or beliefs that do not match with what society approves of are harshly condemned. This results in largely uniform opinions and behaviours in social media users. While others attempt to be controversial, this rarely gets them any adoring fans or followers. In fact, people that are considered too different usually end up in fringe groups on the internet.

The desire to conform is a naturally human one, especially in social situations where human beings feel safer in groups. However, it is always important to retain one’s sense of individuality and agency even in groups.

In what ways have you conformed because of social media?


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