Positives of Having Business on Instagram

Positives of Having Business on Instagram

Instagram, widely known as the popular photo sharing media platform, has become more than a place to share cute family photos. Businesses have started using the platform to showcase their products and build a following. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having a business Instagram account.

Instagram Users Tend to Purchase on the Platform

According to the website Lyfe E-Wommerce, 1/3 of Instagram users have made direct purchases on the app. This is significantly higher than other social media apps such as twitter, for example. Instagram has the second highest order dollar value at $65 per order on average, after Facebook. This is impressive, considering Instagram was launched 5 years after Facebook. Instagram’s growing user numbers also means that this number is likely to increase over time. As a business, sales are what matters at the end of the day, and Instagram gives you the advantage of selling your products on the platform.

Instagram has a Great Advertising System

Instagram has an advanced advertising system which allows you to select your desired audience according to age, interests, behavior, and location. This will allow you to advertise to your desired audience and reach about 266,666,667 Instagram users who are already likely to purchase. The advertising system of Instagram also allows you to re-target audiences over and over again. This can help create a marketing strategy to help you increase sales through advertising.


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