When to Have “The Talk” with Your Kids

When to Have “The Talk” with Your Kids

Remember the first time your parents tried to have “the talk” with you? The awkward silences and descriptions to follow. You were probably a tween or teen already and knew quite a bit yourself. So getting graphic descriptions on sex from mom and dad was the last thing you wanted. Now, as a parent with your own children and are faced with the task of educating them on the subject, do you know the right time?

Oftentimes parents try and look for the perfect time to have a talk about the birds and bees, but the truth of the matter is society is pretty quick in introducing sex to your kids. We live in highly sexualised society from scantily clad models on commercials, to the sex-filled undertones in media.

Children are then exposed to imagery and concepts that they can’t quite compute maturely yet. As a parent, it is then important to walk them step by step as soon as they become aware of their world. It would also be important to explain things in age-appropriate ways, as opposed to giving graphic and disturbing detail. Constant, open and honest communication where your kids feel safe should be your top priority.

What age do you think is too early? Voice your opinions below.


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