Why Your Employees’ Mental health is a Priority

Why Your Employees’ Mental health is a Priority

Most employees and employers come to work with a get-to-business attitude. Mental health is usually the last priority for most people at work. Employees may usually take notice of their mental health only when their work deteriorates. It is therefore important for employers or superiors to make sure that employees are functioning at their best.

Depression and anxiety are two of the commonest mental disorders that affect people’s ability to work productively. However, there are other factors such as monotonous and/or unpleasant tasks; lack of respect and recognition at work; inequity and favouritism in the workplace, poor interpersonal bonds/team cohesion and bullying (both physical and psychological). These are all factors that can be managed effectively in the workplace.

Have you experienced any form of a mental illness that affected your ability to produce quality work? Does the organisation you work for make the mental health of employees a priority?


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