Golden era of transportation

Golden era of transportation

The golden transportation era of the Gautrain began just over 7 years ago, with many being critical of it after its establishment. People complained and criticised the train for its inaccessibility to the middle class and being built in suburban areas, giving access to mostly wealthy and privileged people.

Many of the Gautrain critics failed to acknowledge the economic benefits that it brought. It created 35 000 direct employment opportunities during its construction and 10900 direct operational jobs after the start of its operation in June 2012. It did not only provide alternative transport routes for Gauteng commuters, but it has relieved transport congestion around peak hours in Johannesburg and surrounding areas linked to the train.

The train brought relief to the City’s commuters who used to wake up in early hours of every morning to travel long distances using different transportation methods. The Gautrain made it possible for people to use one mode of transport that is convenient, affordable and prioritises their safety. The construction of the Gautrain really has ushered a new era in public transport.  


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