Should SA Businesses Start Seriously Implementing AI?

Should SA Businesses Start Seriously Implementing AI?

South Africa is a country that is growing in terms of its technological advancements but it still has a way to go in some aspects. AI (Artificial intelligence) is the implementation of human processes on machinery in order to achieve faster and more efficient labour. These processes include learning, reasoning and self-correction.

Arthur Goldstuck of World Wide Worx surveyed South African businesses and found that more than half of South African businesses used basic automations instead of the more advanced ones. Most businesses cited this because of poor connectivity and the complex nature of AI systems. There is no doubt that South Africa has huge gaps when it comes to internet connectivity. Data prices are high and a huge part of the population does not have Wi-Fi access.

AI has the potential to improve businesses in many ways which include error reduction, repetitive jobs, and medical applications. These automations can serve as digital assistants, and they take no breaks!

Do you think that SA is ready for AI? Share your thoughts below.


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