TV Bingeing and Its Effects on Your health

TV Bingeing and Its Effects on Your health

With the rise of Netflix and other streaming sites, catching up on your favourite shows all day has never been easier. We don’t have to wait for days on end to finish our favourite shows. However, these habits can be detrimental to our health if they are overdone.

Watching your favourite TV series releases feel good and exciting hormones within you. The hormone released is dopamine and this hormone is released whenever we are doing something physically or mentally rewarding. This can lead us to actively seek the things we like, such as binge watching, which is potentially harmful because it can lead to a cycle of constantly searching for that ’high’.

The downside of coming from that initial high is that a person can find themselves down, depressed and tired when their show ends and instead of searching for healthy ways to feel happier, they just watch more TV and isolate themselves. This can lead to physical health issues such as obesity and high cholesterol due to lack of activity.

You can reduce the negative effects of binge-watching by limiting your time or only watching TV as a part of socialising.


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