What is a Professional Look in the Work Environment?

What is a Professional Look in the Work Environment?

A so-called professional physical appearance has always been an integral part of the corporate or business environment. As time has lapsed and attitudes have changed, the usual suit and tie is not deemed the epitome of professionalism by newer generations anymore.

Although attitudes are changing, many businesses especially those with an older demographic, still expect traditional forms of dress to apply. Professionalism can be described as relating to or belonging to a profession. This means that professionalism is highly subjective, even-though it has been seen as an umbrella term for one specific look in all professions.

What is professional in one profession may just be drab or over the top in another. It is important not to push one profession’s idea of what professional looks like. It is more appropriate to wear what best represents your profession.

What is your idea of professional? Voice your opinions below.


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