How to make sure your furry friend is comfortable this summer

How to make sure your furry friend is comfortable this summer

Summer is approaching and while that means pool parties and lots of icy drinks for you, your beloved pet may sadly be forgotten and take the brunt of the heat. Your pet doesn’t have to suffer in the heat this summer and there are many ways you can make sure that your pet is not only comfortable but enjoying summer just as much as you will be.

  • Don’t leave them in the car!

You may like to take your pet everywhere, but some places aren’t exactly pet friendly and you may be forced to leave them in the car. This is not a good idea, especially in summer when cars are prone to overheating and this can affect your pet badly. A dog’s average internal temperature is between 38 and 39 degrees Celsius. For temperatures at 41 degrees, your dog will begin to experience organ failure and brain damage.

  • Take them on holiday with you.

While some owners may routinely leave their pets to fend for themselves when they are away, having a pet is a full-time responsibility. It’s better to keep a close eye on them this summer since temperatures can soar and they may need your extra bit of attention for water, food etc.

  • Have them checked out at the vet.

Some breeds are more vulnerable to the heat than others. For example, pugs may struggle more in the heat due to their facial structure which may not always allow them to breathe properly. If you have any concerns about your pet, just take them to the vet to make sure all is clear and that they are healthy.

How do you take extra care of your pets during summer? Comment below.


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