Online dating tips for improved user experience

Online dating tips for improved user experience

Swiping right on that cute person’s profile and finding out it’s a match only to get a “hey there sexy send me your nudes” text can be discouraging if you’re looking for a meaningful conversation and an instant connection. Now how do you make sure you don’t waste time texting back people who are only after physical pleasures? It’s simple; you need to wisely navigate the dating site pool to filter in the people you have an interest on.

Spending days trying to get to know a person becomes pointless when they don’t share the same interests as you. A great way to attract people with similar interests as yours means you have to spend time on your profile to make it more interesting and unique from the rest. Spend less time trying to be predictable and boring by writing “I am an easy-going person and very unique” on you profile. Those words alone already make you look desperate and on some “pick me” syndrome because you’re telling everyone that they should swipe right on you since you are different from the rest.

Try writing quiz questions of your interests on your profile like asking “If we get stuck on an island without any fresh water or food, how would you make sure we don’t starve and die of dehydration?” Already that question is creating a great conversation starter. Someone reading it with interest will immediately text you answering it. From thereon, the conversation flows because you are both talking about something that is fascinating to the both of you.


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