Myths about Vaccines

Myths about Vaccines

As people are becoming extremely cautious and aware of their societies because of the access to information, they are exposed to educational content on the worldwide web, but there is information out there that can be misleading. People can be particularly sensitive about what they consume, especially when it comes to vaccines…

Myth 1: Vaccines cause the very sickness you are getting vaccinated from.

This belief stems from the fact that people still catch infections even after they vaccinate. The misinformation in these beliefs is that the vaccine causes the sickness, but the truth is, like many treatments, vaccines are not 100% effective. They are only 78 – 97% successful depending on the disease.

Myth 2: Vaccines cause autism.

This is probably the most controversial myth as autism is a serious illness that affects many. This belief implies that autism is not a genetic disease, as previously believed, but can actually be avoided by not taking vaccines. It is suspected that there is both a genetic and an environmental component that causes autism. However, the belief that vaccines caused autism was debunked after multiple studies that argued Andrew Wakefield’s claim proved his study to be false. Wakefield has since lost his medical license.

There are many myths about vaccines that are not based on facts or research. In reality, vaccines are quite safe and have helped many people avoid diseases.


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