EFF Calls for “Die Stem” to Be Removed from the National Anthem

EFF Calls for “Die Stem” to Be Removed from the National Anthem

The EFF has demanded that President Cyril Ramaphosa remove “Die Stem” from the national anthem following Wednesday’s Equality Court ruling that the overt display of the apartheid flag constitutes hate speech, unfair discrimination and harassment. 

EFF argued that “Die Stem” had the same negative racial connotations as the apartheid flag.

“It must be common cause that the apartheid national anthem must follow after its flag. The apartheid flag and its anthem belong to the same species. They are the two sides of one coin. Forcing black people to sing “Die Stem” is like asking them each day to salute the apartheid flag,” EFF national spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi commented.

The ANC agreed with the EFF’s views regarding “Die Stem”, also citing the hurtful past that both these symbols represented, while the DA was against the outright banning of the flag, arguing that it could be used for research and journalistic purposes.

Do you think all apartheid artefacts should be banned? Comment below.


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