The unchecked issue of society’s stance on children born to rape survivors

The unchecked issue of society’s stance on children born to rape survivors

Pregnancy and child birth are life changing experiences for all women with the gift of having children. The reality is that, despite having a planned child, pregnancy and post pregnancy come with a lot of burdensome feelings such as loneliness, being overwhelmed and justified body insecurities. These sudden emotions, however, do not take away the natural love a mother has for her new-born child.

A mother’s love often comes naturally for most women due to many factors. Some include the expectations society has held over the traditional woman who is expected to conform to gender stereotypes based on roles of being a caregiver – loving and nurturing her family. With society’s help in shaping the way a traditional woman should love and care for her children, how is it that they forget to teach a woman who is a victim of sexual assault to love a child that is a product of rape and never wanted?

How is a bruised, assaulted woman who has been stripped and robbed of her freedom and voice expected to love a child who everyone tells her is a gift from God? How is she a hypocrite for giving birth to a child who will always be a reminder for what was done to her? Isn’t hypocrisy expecting a woman to keep a child that is a product of rape? Isn’t hypocrisy judging a woman for exercising her constitutional right to choose what to do with her own body?


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