4 Health benefits of daily exercise

4 Health benefits of daily exercise

Daily exercise offers health benefits beyond physical management and desired body shape. It also improves the quality of life and helps reduce the risk of diseases such as strokes, heart related diseases, osteoporosis and diabetes.

Living a healthy lifestyle is all about planning to fit your exercise routine to a daily or weekly schedule. A busy schedule that does not allow for a few sessions at the gym a couple of times a week does not mean that you should miss out on the health benefits that come with daily exercise. Home exercises can provide you with the same benefits without breaking too much sweat.

  • Reduces stress

Physical activity produces endorphins – a group of hormones that are secreted within the brain and nervous system during physical exercise. They act as the brain’s painkiller. They also trigger positive feeling in the body.

  • Boosts brainpower

According to health experts, exercise helps thinking and memory through direct and indirect means. The benefits of exercise come directly from the brain’s ability to reduce insulin resistance, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the release of growth factors.

  • Increases energy Levels

Regular exercise increases blood flow to the body, allowing the body to produce more blood and oxygen, which significantly increases the body’s energy levels. Researchers found that regular exercise also increases energy levels in people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and other diseases.

  • Improves sex life

A 2008 study conducted at Florida Atlantic University found that men and women who exercise frequently are more likely to rate themselves higher in regards to sexual performance and sexual desirability. Physical activity was shown to prepare a woman’s body for sexual activity by making her more sensitive to touch and increasing the efficacy of stimuli, while men experience improved sexual function and better climaxes.


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