Why Naps Are Good for You

Why Naps Are Good for You

The human body needs sleep. That is an obvious scientific fact. Sleep helps our bodies restore themselves and keeps us functioning mentally and physically. So could a little extra sleep on top of your 8 hours be actually beneficial, or are you better off doing something else?

Sometimes we don’t get the amount of sleep that we need every night due to a number of factors which can be health related or just having poor sleep schedules. So catching up on sleep during the day may help you. Lack of sleep can have adverse effects on your neuroendocrine and immune functions, by increasing inflammatory molecules known as cytokines, as well as stress hormones like cortisol and norepinephrine. So naps can actually boost your immunity system.

Naps also help improve your daytime alertness, which is beneficial as that is the busiest time for most people. According to research, shorter naps are better than longer naps and provide better boosts of energy. So next time you want to take a snooze, consider setting your alarm for 30 minutes max.

Naps also have other benefits, such as improving your memory and they help you learn new skills.

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