Taking a perfect selfie for the gram

Taking a perfect selfie for the gram

Instagram is a photo sharing app that has developed popular high standards of creating aesthetically pleasing content, whether it’s a personal or business account. Instagram users now gain more followers and popularity based on their pleasing content. These standards have created desperation for the need to learn the art of taking a perfect selfie.

  • Good Lighting

Perfect selfies are normally the ones with natural light. Don’t be shy to work with natural light and busk in the sun to let your skin have that natural glow.

  • Know your angles

Everyone should know their good side. Use it to your advantage and work the camera. Avoid making dunk faces and pouting because it adds features that are not there.

  • Avoid shadows

When taking a selfie or a normal picture, avoid facing directly or away from the sun as it can cast a huge shadow over your face. To avoid shadows, take your selfies during sunrise and sunset.

  • Play with your background

Mundane scenes make for boring selfies, spice them up with cool backgrounds, colours and textures.


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