• Government to Launch New Business Website for SA Businesses

    Government to Launch New Business Website for SA Businesses0

    Entrepreneurs in South Africa often face many obstacles before getting their businesses up and going. As a response to this problem, the Department of Trade is planning on launching a business portal for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs by October 2019. Minister of Trade and Industry Ebrahim Patel said that the portal would significantly improve the

  • Should SA Businesses Start Seriously Implementing AI?

    Should SA Businesses Start Seriously Implementing AI?0

    South Africa is a country that is growing in terms of its technological advancements but it still has a way to go in some aspects. AI (Artificial intelligence) is the implementation of human processes on machinery in order to achieve faster and more efficient labour. These processes include learning, reasoning and self-correction. Arthur Goldstuck of

  • Is South Africa a state in depression?

    Is South Africa a state in depression?0

    Is financial prosperity the only measure of success that truly counts? Consider the consequences of living from hand to mouth, or feeling stuck in a perpetual cycle of poverty. Many people living lifestyles of lack can attest to suffering bouts of depression triggered by living lives that are nothing close to comfortable. South Africa’s economy

  • Golden era of transportation

    Golden era of transportation0

    The golden transportation era of the Gautrain began just over 7 years ago, with many being critical of it after its establishment. People complained and criticised the train for its inaccessibility to the middle class and being built in suburban areas, giving access to mostly wealthy and privileged people. Many of the Gautrain critics failed

  • Bitcoin: What about it?

    Bitcoin: What about it?0

    Cryptocurrency has made waves over the past few years. Many have been created however Bitcoin has managed to stand out from its peers. Bitcoin came into fruition in 2008 and was created by Satoshi Nakamoto whose identity remains widely mysterious. However, as popular as it has become, most people don’t know how it works and

  • Positives of Having Business on Instagram

    Positives of Having Business on Instagram0

    Instagram, widely known as the popular photo sharing media platform, has become more than a place to share cute family photos. Businesses have started using the platform to showcase their products and build a following. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having a business Instagram account. Instagram Users Tend to Purchase