• What is the National Health Insurance Bill?

    What is the National Health Insurance Bill?0

    The National Health Insurance Bill has been making news recently with a lot of arguments for and against it being the major discussion points. For an average citizen who has never heard of this bill or what it aims to do, the following will provide some insight on what National Health Insurance is. Minister of

  • TV Bingeing and Its Effects on Your health

    TV Bingeing and Its Effects on Your health0

    With the rise of Netflix and other streaming sites, catching up on your favourite shows all day has never been easier. We don’t have to wait for days on end to finish our favourite shows. However, these habits can be detrimental to our health if they are overdone. Watching your favourite TV series releases feel

  • Different types of mental illness

    Different types of mental illness0

    Mental disorder are health conditions that affect the functionality of the brain and emotions, causing distress and other challenges that affect a person’s life on a daily basis. The cause for mental disorders is still unknown but medical researchers found that it is influenced by psychological, genetic, environmental and biological factors. Here is a list

  • Why Your Employees’ Mental health is a Priority

    Why Your Employees’ Mental health is a Priority0

    Most employees and employers come to work with a get-to-business attitude. Mental health is usually the last priority for most people at work. Employees may usually take notice of their mental health only when their work deteriorates. It is therefore important for employers or superiors to make sure that employees are functioning at their best.

  • Places Of Safety For Abuse Victims In South Africa

    Places Of Safety For Abuse Victims In South Africa0

    Domestic violence and abuse are one of the most frequent human rights violations in the country.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), South Africa has one of the highest rates of violence against women. 250 out of every 100 000 women were victims of sexual assault according to Statistics South Africa. Even with these shockingly

  • Breaking Free From Abusive Relationships

    Breaking Free From Abusive Relationships0

    Making a decision to leave an abusive partner is the most challenging step to seeking help and dealing with the trauma because many people who have suffered at the hands of their partner tend to go back to them. This is caused by the power your partner has over you through brainwashing and emotional manipulation.