• The Politics Behind the Black Aesthetic

    The Politics Behind the Black Aesthetic0

    Blackness as an identity has always been fraught with controversy. There has never been a time in history where blackness occupied a neutral space. Being black has always been affiliated with some sort of political stance, whether that of resistance or oppression.  Simple things such as dress and culture have always meant something far deeper

  • Africa Breaking Stereotypes

    Africa Breaking Stereotypes0

    Africa and Africans have been subject to various stereotypes over the years. Some stereotypes are positive, such as the beautiful natural landscapes and wildlife that Africa has been blessed with. But many veer towards the negative and have had some detrimental effects on how Africa is viewed by the rest of the world. One of

  • Are African People Still Colonised?

    Are African People Still Colonised?0

    Ask any African about world war II, American history or the world war II genocide of the European Jews by Nazi Germany popularly known as the Holocaust, they will tell you. Ask them about the world’s greatest writers, playwrights and poets, they will tell you. They will even recite and analyse “Sonnet 116” by Shakespeare