• How Can You Turn Your Passion into Business?

    How Can You Turn Your Passion into Business?0

    Sometimes the passions that we have seem unattainable. As life moves on and reality kicks in, many people give up on their passions, preferring to pursue them as hobbies rather than possible money making opportunities in the future. Here are a few ways you can turn your passion into a profitable business. Find the fault

  • The Politics Behind the Black Aesthetic

    The Politics Behind the Black Aesthetic0

    Blackness as an identity has always been fraught with controversy. There has never been a time in history where blackness occupied a neutral space. Being black has always been affiliated with some sort of political stance, whether that of resistance or oppression.  Simple things such as dress and culture have always meant something far deeper

  • Steps to becoming an entrepreneur

    Steps to becoming an entrepreneur0

    Entrepreneurship is a key factor towards economic development, and employment creation. Being an entrepreneur is not something everyone is built for; some people possess characteristics that help them endure the world of entrepreneurship. Here are steps to help you become an entrepreneur and thrive in your industry. Find your niche Before considering becoming an entrepreneur,

  • Taking a perfect selfie for the gram

    Taking a perfect selfie for the gram0

    Instagram is a photo sharing app that has developed popular high standards of creating aesthetically pleasing content, whether it’s a personal or business account. Instagram users now gain more followers and popularity based on their pleasing content. These standards have created desperation for the need to learn the art of taking a perfect selfie. Good

  • Myths about Vaccines

    Myths about Vaccines0

    As people are becoming extremely cautious and aware of their societies because of the access to information, they are exposed to educational content on the worldwide web, but there is information out there that can be misleading. People can be particularly sensitive about what they consume, especially when it comes to vaccines… Myth 1: Vaccines



    Africa is a continent brimming with potential.  Although it’s been subject to much exploitation and corruption. The people of Africa still look for new ways to not only improve their lives but their fellow Africans. African entrepreneurs and creatives everywhere are ushering in a new dawn for the African continent. Africa boasts many countries with